About Us

A Family Company

Our story begins with a family that immigrated to North America three generations ago. To be successful in this unsettled land required innovation, hard work and a willingness to seize opportunities. That spirit continued to be part of the fabric which made up our family. A desire to be on the cutting edge of new developments in the field of agriculture led to much experimentation, which without our realizing it took us down a path to the whole foods and supplement industry.

Our experience began 35 years ago growing flax and borage, both of which are now leaders in the omega 3,6,9 market. As the demand for the oil produced naturally by these crops grew, an opportunity to enter the manufacturing field came along. With the goal of producing only the finest products which were locally grown we enthusiastically embraced the growth of our company.

The packaging of what we were producing was the next step in the development of a line of products that we were proud to use in our own family and offer to others as a product they too could trust.

Today, three generations work side by side to offer an ever expanding array of products that have provided thousands of families with the essential building blocks for good health for more than thirty years.